الحمد لله because God is to be Thanked Always

En Route to Chefchaouen

The road to Chefchaouen was blessed with many of God’s little love notes.

Visiting the rich tapestry of a country that is Morocco inspired me to learn Arabic. During my time there, I was able to cheat with French but I found Arabic to be such a beautiful language, I couldn’t resist to begin my studies once I returned home.  One of my favorite expressions so far is  Al-ḥamdu lillāh الحمد لله. It can be used in various ways including answering someone’s greeting to ‘how are you doing?’ to showing how happy and satisfied you are after a meal. I really enjoy that God, whatever that may  mean for you, is not only a means of comfort during moments of turmoil and tragedy but a reminder to be thankful for all those little, quiet, and happy moments in everyday life.

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