USA Cross Country Train Trip

Home on the East Coast, a new Adventure on the West Coast, and a train trip to bridge the distance.

Somewhere in Between

Somewhere in Between

Amtrak Route: Lake Shore Limited -> Chicago Transfer -> California Zephyr
Detailed information on how to book from wherever you are in the USA at Seat61, one of my favorite resources for travel.

Trip Time: 4D/3N straight through
If you have time, it’s always great to explore rest stops along the way.

Tip: Bring a hot water mug, ear plugs, travel pillow, and silk travel sheets

Wby a hot water mug?
So you can stay hydrated! There’s unlimited free hot water at the cafe. It’s also a lot greener than plastic bottles.
Wby ear plugs?
If you’re sleeping in the coach section at night, it’s great to have these especially if you’re travelling during busy season, the train is full, and you’re a sensitive sleeper.
Wby a travel pillow & silk travel sheets?
A travel pillow is essential for rest if you’re in a seat for 4 days. The seats are spacious with generous legroom and they do extend farther back than an airplane seat though. The silk travel sheets are highly recommended because the train gets really cold at night. You can bring a blanket or an extra sweater too, but silk travel sheets are super light yet still keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.



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